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The Evolution of a Business Mind

I am Kevin from the Philippines, 23 years old - working as a data analyst and aspiring to be an entrepreneur.

Like the usual 20-something years old, I am a young blood in the real world. It’s still my second year out of college and second year at work. I have a lot of youthful exuberance in me, and my goal is to become rich. As a person with this mindset, let me share with my eagerness and sense of purpose.

As I was growing up we weren’t well-off. I was satisfied with a simple life. I just often wondered how great would it be if everyone lived in a place wherein most, if not everyone, was economically stable and socially accepted. I always thought of the what ifs in persons I interact with. “What if s/he had the opportunity to study in a good school, what if s/he was able to focus on studying rather than worrying about money.” Thing is we are surrounded with amazing and good people, we just didn’t have enough opportunities for everyone. This is where I want to play, this is what I want to disrupt.

Being rich is not just about being powerful and influential for me. It is actually having the responsibility to stand up for others: by providing jobs, by rallying causes, by inspiring goodness. This has always been my perspective to being rich. Of course it is always nice to have a higher purchasing power, but being rich is only well-deserved if you are doing something with it for others.

I will be rich to provide impact to more lives.

Right now I am very privileged to earn more than enough, with the freedom to think of about what I want to spend on. This privilege is my leverage. At this prime stage in my life I can actually channel my energy to searching for my purpose. I know that my purpose is to be rich, but why do I want to become rich? What do I see myself doing? Who do I help? How do I make that impact?

Analytics professional. Passionate about self-help, business, and history.