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I have been too busy with work. I heard the news two days ago, and I really didn’t know how to process it. I didn’t even think I needed to process anything.

Today is a Friday - immediately after work I paused and allowed myself to rest. I started by doing mindless tasks for my small business. As I was cutting bubble wraps, packing orders, and filling my inventory shelf, I listened to Ben&Ben. The song Dahilan has been in my head for quite some time now, even before hearing about your passing.

I got my guitar and started learning…

It’s been almost 6 months of quarantine due to COVID, and staying at home has given me so much to discover. We live in an age where information just sits at the palm of our hands, friends are just a screen away, helping communities can be done through a click.

The first two months of quarantine was adjustment period.

Staying at home, like to most other people, meant less expenses. I am fortunate enough that I was able to keep my job and work remotely. I was earning without the risk of infecting myself and not experiencing the logistics nightmare due to lockdowns.

I felt the need to pay this good fortune forward, especially to the ones who need it more. I am living in a country where most people are barely getting by with the money they earn on a daily basis. There was a lot of sense for me to spend money not just for myself, but…

I am Kevin from the Philippines, 23 years old - working as a data analyst and aspiring to be an entrepreneur.

Like the usual 20-something years old, I am a young blood in the real world. It’s still my second year out of college and second year at work. I have a lot of youthful exuberance in me, and my goal is to become rich. As a person with this mindset, let me share with my eagerness and sense of purpose.

As I was growing up we weren’t well-off. I was satisfied with a simple life. I just often wondered…

‪Happy that the world outside is turning. My world is quite slower and smaller. A lot of things changed, but my past stays the same. Who i was is what makes me who I am. I will hold on to it and carry it with me to a bigger tomorrow.‬

I recently took the CliftonStrenghts finder test and results show that I build my ideas through context. It means that when I don’t feel stable about the present, I find structured ground by looking back to the past. …


Analytics professional. Passionate about self-help, business, and history.

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